Lugansk Regional Training Center

Luhansk Regional Training Center (RTC) have been established within the program "Bibliomist" with the assistance of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, IREX and Ukrainian Library Association.

The purpose of Lugansk RTC - development of regional library infrastructure, education for librarians and organization of adult education in region.

The main objective of the training center - to prepare a library professionals who are able to provide modern services in public libraries.

Trainings about new information technologies, current trends in library science and practicals take place in RTC. Any librarians from any of the libraries in the region can be among the audience of the Center.
Besides to training librarians Training Center provides training for different groups of citizens in cooperation with government agencies and NGO based on their information needs and specific local community.
Training is aimed at developing social activity of citizens for obtaining advanced knowledge and skills with information technologies, bridging the digital divide in society. We train almost all segments of the population for free.

Lugansk RTC was opened in 2010 on the basis of Lugansk Regional Scientific Library in Lugansk. Thanks to Gates Foundation the Library received 10 computers with software, multimedia projector, printer, scanner, and network equipment. Despite the fact that all the material and equipment of the center remained in the occupied territory in Lugansk, our specialists resumed work on the new location of the library in Starobil’sk.

The traning courses have been restored, new equpments was bougt. Now our students can also study remotely through the system of online lessons and webinars.
Library experts and citizans of the region can take any of the courses stated.