Our service

Dear Friends, you can:

  • become a reader;
  • read on the spot
  • take the book home;
  • use "open library";
  • order books from other libraries;
  • ask someone about something;
  • always use free Wi-Fi;
  • scan, Photocopy, print;
  • work at computer;
  • take part in our activities in our premises;
  • become a member of cognitive learning;
  • talk (even laugh);
  • eat (but neatly)
  • dance a bit (but not too much)
  • drink coffee / tea / water;
  • always enjoy our cozy atmosphere.

And now, friends, you can not:

  • catch McConaughey (yawn)
  • smoke;
  • Dirty furniture with food;
  • be bored;
  • spoil the equipment and mood;
  • come to the library in a state of intoxication;
  • Drink not a coffee / tea / water.