Lugansk Regional Branch of the Ukrainian Library Association

NGO "Lugansk Regional Branch of the Ukrainian Library Association" (LRB ULA is registered - July 27, 2010), is a union of librarians and the Lugansk region is the regional office of the All-Ukrainian union of Ukrainian Library Association (ULA ). LRB ULA brings together more than 300 people who are professionally connected with librarianship, bibliography and information activities, and those who are interested in their development in the Lugansk region.

ULA's mission is the full development of librarianship and to ensure users’ rights to quality and timely information and library and bibliographic services, and protection of social and other community members' interests of ULA

The purpose of the Lugansk Regional Branch of ULA is to promote a unified information for libraries in the region, the links between corporate libraries, to represent libraries as centers of free public access to information, to enhance the prestige of the library profession among the masses, to lobby for the interests of librarians and users at different levels.

The activity of the regional office aims to exchange information, knowledge and best practices, the preservation of library collections and the providing of free access to them. Among the main priorities of the association is cooperation in the use of advanced information technology and intellectual development of library services, improving the quality of library education.

Under the patronage of the Lugansk Regional Branch of ULA are the issues of the library service to users with disabilities, implementation of projects aimed at the development of libraries in Ukraine, the implementation of links with the libraries of Ukraine, the CIS, Europe and the rest of the world.

Members of the regional offices are actively involved in the development of professional library movement in Ukraine and Lugansk region, take part in international library forums, conferences and training programs. Through the media spread about the innovative experience of libraries of Lugansk region, the initiators and participants of the All-Ukrainian and regional actions aimed at improving the image of libraries.

In 2016 Lugansk librarians participated in many programs and initiatives of Ukrainian Library Association, in particular: