History of the Library 

The birth of the library (and this is not boring information at all!) 

Good library, she is Lugansk Regional Universal Scientific Library named after A.M Gorky, was founded in 1897 as a free folk library-reading room. In the first years of its existence, the library totaled only 2502 publications, it was completed not systematically , mainly through donations. Not having its own premises (this is the first time when fate played with the library a bad joke), she had to change her address and only in 1945 moved to a new premises, being in it for 20 years (by the way, hoo).

"Growing up" of the library (also not boring information!)

Subsequently, the library "matured": in 1919 a central city library was formed on the basis of a public zemstvo library, its staff increased, functions were defined as a methodical center for Lugansk Uyezd libraries, at that time there were already 25!

Becoming ... Caution! Many dates!

1936 - our good library was named after AM Gorky. Gorky would be happy, we are sure :)
1938 - on the basis of the central city the regional library is being created, and therefore the functions and scope of its activities (yuhu-yu) are expanding. The book fund for this period was 125,000 copies! (Not a bad number).
1965 - for the library was built a new special room on the street. Soviet, 78, where she was until 2014.
2000s - there were 17 departments and sectors in the library, 4 resource and information centers (hnyk-hnyk). In addition, the library was the largest depository repository of publications of local lore nature! (There is something to be proud of).

From the year 1997  library becomes super generous, presenting the reader free access to the Internet.
From 2003 library switched on automated system library services.
In 2008 another one super generosity happened: the library provides readers open access to active part of the fund.

Important achievements and awards, which were sometime there (before our book palace was unfortunate captured)

• golden reward "Confession of the year 2012" as a participant in the national program "Business image of Ukraine.

• National achievement EIFL for innovation – Premium three : "social integration" (A mobile school project for people with limited capacity)—( 2013);
• first plase among the projects of the program "Bibliotech" for opening in libraries Internet centers (2013)

• The Winner of the All-Ukrainian competition of websites (2012);

• first place in the online contest from UBA "Marathon an outstanding library of ideas 2013" in the nomination "VKontakti with Library users."

From the beginning on... 

Starting in 2015, after a long ordeal and a lack of basic working conditions (even without resources!), not having our own premises (this is the second time fate has played a cruel joke library), the library was reborn (like a Phoenix from the ashes or something like that). But flew the "Phoenix" not from Arabia to Egypt and from Lugansk to the little town of Starobelsk. Yes, even so, and you thought that everything will be prosaic? :) For three months, we resumed operation of the library. Today the Lugansk regional universal scientific library named after A. M. Gorky became Good library (we decided that the official name is too long, so we made it more simple and concise, so forgive us).

Good library today

Now our library is brand new. We strive to bring library activities to world standards, feel free to translate rough ideas, breaking the existing stereotypes. Come with us!