Project Activities 

Participation in the cultural and educational festival "From the country into Ukraine":

our librarians became participants of the Workshop on project management and effective communications. During the Festival we were engaged in the Open Library site, organizing meetings with famous Ukrainian ones. Guests of the Festival not only learned about new forms of cultural events, but also became participants in this interactive space.

The project "Support stabilize communities that have suffered the consequences of the conflict in Donbas" with the support of the Government of Japan:

the Good library team together with other representatives of the community of Starobelsk hosted the IOM program aimed at rallying the city community and teaching them how to write projects. The output of teamwork is the writing of a project that will support and meet the needs of the entire community of the city.

The project "Replace the walls open windows" with the support of the German Foreign Ministry:

our librarians took part in the festival of cultural and educational initiatives (under the project "Replace the walls open windows" ), within the framework of which the contest of the best scenarios of documentary stories about the impact of non-formal education on the personal professional life of a person was held. Among the best was a film about our library, created by journalists radio "49 Parallel".

A project to map the vast majority of public activity financed by the European Union:

Starobelsk initiative group, which includes our librarians, won a competition in mapping the communities. The project is funded by the European Union and is being implemented during 2016-2018. During the year the initiative group will undergo specialized training and will conduct mapping of the city's community.

No, this is not the end. Where else to set foot of the librarian: 


Literture music festival "Road to the East":

we helped to organize a meeting with Sergey Zhadan and D. by Laudinum. The festival also brought with them books for the libraries of the Eastern regions from the volunteer organizations. 

Sign the paper for the residents of the ATO:

all-Ukrainian action of UBA: the team of librarians actively worked on getting the newspaper and the organization of their delivery in the "grey areas frontline areas." Photo-cross "Spring in focus 2016": our team has delegated the organisation of the exhibition. 

"Living library":

the team joined the organization of meetings with writers A. L. Cokotuha and by Deresh. The project gave the library a large number of new books.

UNDP project "Restoration of management and reconciliation in the grasped communities of Ukraine", within the framework of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (under the control of the Government of Ukraine):

we joined outreach trainings as part of the initiative group in Kremennaya.

Participation in the project "Agitpoezd" Trukhanivska Sich ":

our employees went on a 15-day trip through Western Ukraine to present the library and exchange experiences.

"We are one family":

is a project to increase public activity with the support of the Council of Europe (in cooperation with the NGO "Diyeva Gromada" and the initiative group STB-team), within the framework of which we conducted a master class on organizing festivals for the community of Troitsk region. 

Hyperlocal communities: Media School:

our librarian became a participant of the Media School trainings, where he got theoretical and many practical skills of creating his own hyperlocal media from scratch.