About the Library

Today the Lugansk regional universal scientific library named after A. M. Gorky (Good library) is unbiased, a completely new space without borders. Our house is now in the town of Starobilsk.
Good library does not have such a giant space that was during the peaceful sky over Luhansk. Our shelves are not crammed with tens of thousands of books. We don't have many "labour", those 146 people who have pulled four floors of the building with incomprehensible for mere mortals design, like those poor whales from the myth about the universe.
However, we have much more young, creative and ambitious team (slightly crazy, but that's okay), a lot of new ideas and a great desire to break the system of libraries, destroying forever the clunky cliches with regards to libraries.
Now our fund has more than 6,000 completely new editions of literature of all kinds - these are gifts from our loyal friends (cultural figures, public organizations, publishing houses and indifferent citizens).
The library's hot air balloon is the methodical work of our employees: we travel to different parts of the region, streading different knowledge to other librarians, and sometimes taking colleagues with us to the country of self-development :)
The Lugansk Regional Library's methodical center is a kind of rescue service, the environment that provides new opportunities for library workers of the region.

Good library is always opened for everyone!